We enjoyed working some song arrangements for the croatian theater "Srećica" based in Velika Gorica, town very close to Zagreb. On Friday 5, April 2013 will be performed the first show! Thanks to Mr. Milivoj Pašiček, the songwriter and the teachers choir for the great and nice collaboration. Read more (croatian)



05/29/2016 10:58am

Theaters are our oldest places of the entertainment providing that are also have a long term history. Thanks for sharing this post related to the theatre field. Because after the cinema’s lace I intro we are forgetting the value of the theatre.

11/09/2016 8:17am

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12/14/2016 1:09am

Nice kids! Are they happy to play that roles?))

03/18/2017 3:26am

They are so cute in such costumes! Very nice! I'd like to watch them performing!


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