In collaboration with Rock Akademija (www.rock-akademija.hr) we organize the John Macaluso's Drum Clinic at Rock Akademija (Park Ribnjak 1, Zagreb). With: Mistheria (keyboards), Ivan Mihaljevic (guitar), Marko Karacic (bass)
The event is set for January 31, 2013 - 20:00h. FREE ENTRY! For info call 01-4818592 - 098 312344 or e-mail at info@rock-akademija.hr



05/20/2016 5:11am

There are a lot of pages that give us information about music and different bands. But i want to tell all of you that visit here if need this kind of beneficent knowledge here always.


I am sure it was a great event. The combination of the instrumentalist is unique and powerful. Such a team is sure to give you nothing but the best experience and I am quite certain that was what the audience got. There are times you attend events of this nature and the things go so bad you say to yourself ‘’I would have been better off staying home and watch the news. But this show certainly was worth the trouble, I believe.

10/14/2016 11:10am

I wish I could visit this event. I am sure it was amazing. It was such a good experience.

02/13/2017 3:28am

You are performing very well and I hope that the people can get a lot of satisfaction from these type of performances. I am really impress with your performances because you are making the life great and happy of the society members.

03/25/2017 5:25am

Thanks for posting such good content

05/24/2017 2:12am

John Macaluso is known to be one of the best drummers in town. In a collaboration with Rock Akademija, they were able to showcase their talent once again. Good for those who were able to watch a great show. I heard that the event was successful!How I wish I was able to make it there! Once John Macaluso and the group set a date of their live performance once again, I'll definitely block my schedule for that!


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